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Healthy Father-Daughter Relationships

Healthy Father-Daughter Relationships

Healthy father-daughter relationships are essential in communities of color. The creation of self-esteem is often constructed by a young girl’s environment. Due to American culture prescribing to a different standard of beauty among women, the principles of self-esteem must be established at home.

Self-esteem is formed at an early age and parents are the first role models in a child’s life. Fathers in particular are the drivers of self-esteem for female children and accountability for male children. Research highlights that daughters with engaged fathers are less likely to suffer with substance abuse and mental health issues, have higher rates of early sexual activity, more likely to marry and live happier lives into adulthood.

Stable relationships with the father, produce a sense of self-worth among women. Women evolve into who they are based on how their father treated them and the other women in his life. This special bond between a father and daughter begins early and often is present well into adulthood. The nomenclature of “daddy’s girls” is not a misnomer.

Despite the need for this bond, many fathers are often at a loss as to how to positively impact the positive feelings of their daughters. Most men find it easier to initially bond with their sons, because of the gender commonality. Yet, it is the bonding with the daughter that may ultimately shape her views on herself and her interaction with other men.

Below are a few Tips to Boost Father-Daughter Relationships.

1. Be Present and Active

2. Respect Her and Her Mother

3. Have Date Nights

4. Listen to them.

5. Treat her like a lady

Individuals are products of their environment. Thus a connection exists between childhood experience and the presence or absence of problems in adulthood. Fathers must be their daughters’ first hero. She will love you unconditionally at first, it is up to you to maintain and nurture the relationship as she matures. Fathers of color can change the trajectory of their community by building stable families and rearing emotionally healthy children.

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